Charlie Strong Has Already Dismissed Shaka Smart From The University of Texas

Charlie Strong Has Already Dismissed Shaka Smart From The University of Texas


Charlie StrongAUSTIN, TX — Hours after former VCU head basketball coach Shaka Smart agreed to terms with the Texas Longhorns to become the school’s new basketball coach, Longhorns football coach Charlie Strong has dismissed him from the University.

“It is with great sadness I report that we have dismissed Shaka Smart from the University of Texas,” Strong said on Friday. “We’re here to help these young men grow, but we can only go so far. At some point they have to begin helping themselves.”

Many are speculating Strong dismissed Strong only out of habit, since no one can figure out what he’s done wrong. Many wonder if Charlie Strong was already annoyed by the “Strong & Smart” moniker that began flowing through the school’s athletic department. One anonymous source said this moniker annoyed Strong, which led to his dismissal of Smart. The source added that Charlie Strong would prefer the basketball team hired Jonathan Sexy instead.

Shaka SmartShaka Smart acknowledged his dismissal through a tweet sent late Thursday night that read, “I’m upset to hear I was dismissed, but thankful for Coach Strong’s efforts to not only make Texas a better place, but to make me a better person. #blessed”

Strong stood by his decision when he met with reporters Friday morning. “My job here is to make this Longhorns team as good as I can, both on and off the field,” Strong said. “My job description says nothing about making sure I have enough players to field a team.”

At the time of publishing this article, Charlie Strong also dismissed 3 more Longhorns football players.

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