8 Things Tulane’s Throwback Logo Looks Like

8 Things Tulane’s Throwback Logo Looks Like



The Tulane Green Wave recently shared a picture of new helmets that the plan to wear in the 2016 season. The helmets include a throwback Green Wave logo. If this logo looks familiar, it’s because it looks like one of these following things…

  • TulaneGreenWaveThe illegitimate child of Donald Trump and Slimer

  • An angry booger

  • Flubber with CTE

  • Some Hi-C Ecto Cooler with a short fuse

  • A goop of Nickelodeon GAK auditioning for West Side Story

  • An octopus who just had Marshmallow Creme dumped on his head

  • An accurately colored angry wave of the water at the Rio Olympic Games

  • If Gumby and Johnny Bravo had a kid


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